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March is our Gotcha Month, so before we go out of town again at the end of this month, we had to send the humans to Meowness one more time to drop off a few donation items.

March 2024 Donation to Meowness

Unfortunately the deals weren’t as good as they were in January and February, but we did our best to at least get a few things from the Meowness wish list.

Man were we spoiled with coupons in January and February. March? Not so much, for meowing out loud!

The items pictured retail for a ridiculous $311 and our out of pocket cost, was about $132.

Not the greatest donation of all times, but every little bit helps and we know Meowness sure can use it.

The human also made a small donation to the vet cost fund in honor of our gotcha month, as we do every year.

Vet costs have really gotten out of hand as well, so we’d really like to encourage you to help our buddies at Meowness with a few $$$ as well, if you can.

Their website has a link to donate via paypal and you’ll also find a bunch of adorable cats that are looking for awesome humans, just like Paisley Jade, pictured below.

Isn’t she stinkin’ adorable??
Thank you for helping out a wonderful small organisation, where every $ goes to the kitties and only the kitties!

We feel those small rescues are really feeling the squeeze of the constantly rising cost of food, supplies and vet care.

That will be it in terms of deal shopping for a little while, as we are going on the road again with the humans to enjoy ever changing cat TV through our screen door!

We are not sure if we can get female human to update this blog during the summer, but we’ll try our very best to motivate her!

This is our February 2024 donation to Meowness!!
It has been a hot minute since we last dropped off an in kind donation at Meowness, but today we are sending the humans over with about $824 worth of pet supplies that we paid roughly $176 out of pocket for.

Just look at this picture!! 170 lbs of litter, 183 lbs of dry food, 90 lbs of wet food and one pound of treats.

We are super excited and female human is tickled pink. She had a ton of fun shopping during the last few weeks and we really enjoyed sending her out to hunt for deals.

The last couple of years we have been constantly complaining about the lack of deals, lack of coupons and prices being totally out of control.

Pet supplies are still pretty expensive in our area, but luckily we’ve had great manufacturer coupons and a few really good store coupons¬† and in store promotions that stacked.

On top of that lots of friends and neighbors shared their extra coupons with us, which made a huge difference and helped us stretch our budget, almost like in the good old couponing times.

We’d like to thank everyone who has helped out with coupons in the past weeks! It really does make a huge difference!!

We even were able to score a few litter boxes for the Meowness kitties, which we hope, they’ll like.

This will probably be it for a while, as far as deal shopping is concerned, unless we are getting a similar perfect storm of store promos, store coupons and manufacturer coupons again in February. It doesn’t happen all that often anymore, but when it does it’s a thing of beauty. Sooo….fingers and paws crossed!

If you’d also like to help out the Meowness Kitties, please consider donating a few dollars to this very deserving rescue organisation. You can find their donation info here.


Today we had the human drop off what has to be the smallest donation in our history of donations to Meowness.
We are kind of disappointed at the lack of deals and it keeps getting worse. Coupons are few and far inbetween and the prices are kind of ridiculous.

We really feel for the shelters that go through a lot of these items and are facing increased cost for vet care on top of that!

They really need help more than ever!! If you can spare a buck or two, we know Meowness would be so grateful for your support.
You can donate on their website, the donate button is in the top right corner.

We also want to thank our friend Jennifer W. for sending us some stamps to pass on to Meowness, as they have to mail out a lot of paperwork on a regular basis.

The items pictured retail $ 216.16 and our out of pocket cost was roughly $70. We know, right? For that kind of money we used to be able to haul three times as much stuff to the shelter.

Times have definitely changed.

We are still trying to support the causes we care about any way we can, but dang do we miss the good ole couponing days when we could send the human shopping to the pet stores for pennies on the dollar.

What about you guys out there? Are you still able to find deals and coupons? Send those humans shopping, we gotta fill these bowls!


Wow, it’s 2022!! How did that happen? We hope all our furriends had a wonderful holiday season and a purrific start into 2022!

Our winter visit in Phoenix is coming to an end and we wanted to send the human to Meowness one more time before we leave town for a while.

The items in this picture retail at $376, crazy for such a small amount, right? Pet food prices are out of control. Our out of pocket expense after coupons was $96.

Deals are definitely harder to find these days and on top of that it has gotten really difficult to find stock now.

A lady saw the human buy some of the canned cat food and commented “When you find product, you gotta buy it, right?”

So very true. We hope the human got us stocked up as well. We have less storage space now, as we moved into a new RV, but we insist on pet food storage being a priority!

After all, we call the shots here! Meow!

With the Meowlidays right around the corner and the human going out of town, we wanted to make sure we are sending this donation to Meowness asap.

It is getting harder and harder to find deals and the retail prices are somewhat ridiculous, but we feel we did ok, all circumstances considered. The items pictured retail for about $545 (yikes!) and we paid about $91 out of pocket for them.

Compared to the good ole times, that is a rather small donation, but the kitties and doggies at Meowness can use all the help they can get!

If you’d like to help them out as well, here’s the link to their current fundraiser. They are still ways away from their goal and currently do have quite a few pets with medical needs. Any donation, no matter how small helps. Meowness is completely volunteer run and we assure you, they are a very deserving organisation!!

We personally are grateful that they allow the human to use their cute holiday pictures, like this one of Jolly, who by the way is still looking for a pawesome furever home (more info here). Thanks to that, the human doesn’t get anymore stupid ideas about putting us in holiday outfits or some such nonsense, as we have made it VERRRRY clear in past years, that we are not up for any of this!!

Happy Meowlidays to all our friends, two legged, four legged and also those with wings and fins!

Emily and Linus

It has been a while since we were able to send the human shopping. She has been avoiding the stores for quite some time.

Right now, we are back in Phoenix for a little bit and are trying very hard to find some pet food deals.

This donation retails at about $490 and we spent about $118 out of pocket, which is fantastic in our book.

It is a mixed donation of cat and dog supplies, because Meowness, despite being primarily a cat rescue, also helps some dogs down on their luck.

Like Desmond, aka Dezzy, pictured below with Olivia Rose, one of the Meowness kitties.

13 year old Dezzy just got pulled from the high kill shelter and needed lots of vet care, including getting neutered at 13 years old!

Poor little guy is in rough shape. Luckily he is in good hands with the Meowness gang right now and gets lots of purr therapy from his new kitty friends as well.

We had quite the sticker shock about the increased cost of pet supplies, since the human last set foot in a store.

And yes, all those rumors about supply issues on certain pet food brands really are true. The stores aren’t stocked well and prices are ridiculous.

We are tickled pink, that we still managed to get some decent deals for our buddies at Meowness. The human was getting rusty after not having coupon shopped for so long, so it was high time to send her back out.

If you would like to support Meowness as well, please consider making a donation to them. We guarantee you they are a very deserving organisation. After all, they are the ones who founds us our humans to adopt and train =^.^=

Here’s a link to the current Meowness Holiday Fundraiser!

Also if you are in Phoenix and have some coupons for us, please reach out to the human, she can always use more coupons to help feed pets in need!

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