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Ok, we know it’s technically March already, but we did not get around to deliver our February donation to Meowness until today.

Our human was out of town most of February on one of those unauthorized trips without our approval, doing this work thing!

So we were a little late with the February drop off, unfortunately!

The items pictured retail for about $653 and we paid about $148 oop for them.


The Meowness folks have so many wonderful kittens up for adoption again.

The human got to cuddle with Isaac, Kensington and Tobias, who are total cuties with never ending purr motors.


Check out this picture of Kensington and Tobias. Too cute for words, right??


We hope we can purr up enough motivation so the human updates the blog more often again. She currently has a lot of things going on, so we are giving her a little break.

Hopefully we’ll be back blogging about deals again before not too long! Thanks for bearing with us =^.^=


january 2015 meowness

Today we sent the human to our buddies at Meowness with our January donation!

The items pictured retail roughly for $626 and our oop was only about $186

Our furriends at Meowness have just taken in a whole bunch of new kittens that need spay and neuter surgery as well as other medical care, so if you have a buck to spare and want to support them, you can do so here directly on their website.

Also if you are looking for a new furry family member, our Meowness currently has many cute kittens that are looking for their very own humans to adopt. Check them out here!



Earlier today we sent the human to our buddies at AZSDR with our first donation in 2015!

The items in the picture retail roughly for $737 and our oop was about $212.

As we may be taking a little break from shopping, we are glad that we could start the year of with one of our bigger donations.

The human has had a lot of things on her plate lately which resulted in fewer posts in the past couple weeks.

Not that we approve of this, but sometimes a human has to do what a human has to do.

As a result this is our very first post in 2015 and therefore we would like to take the opportunity wish everyone a Happy Meow Year!

We will still continue blogging in 2015, no worries, and we are looking forward to a great blogging, deal hunting, shopping and donation year!!


Earlier today we sent the human to Meowness with our December Donation!

It was high time! As you may have realised the human has been slacking a bit in December because she was so busy with that work thing!

She claims it has to be done to fill the bowls, but we are not so sure about all that!! We are perfectly capabale of finding deals so she can fill bowls. Really not sure what she’s talking about!

At least she was so busy that she did not bother taking silly holiday pictures of us in ridiculous outfits, so we got away with using an old picture, as you may have seen on Facebook!

In any case the items we dropped off at Meowness today retail for about $628 roughly and we paid about $139!

Not too shabby considering all the wet food and litter!!

We hope everybody is enjoying their Pawlidays!! We are so happy the human is home more and we get to cuddle and snuggle whenever we are up for it!

ff petsmart dec 14

Petsmart has another one of their Friends and Family Events which ends today, Sunday 7th December. So if you were planning on taking advantage of this offer, you better make it to the store today!

Don’t forget that Petsmart has shorter hours on Sundays!

Head over here to print your coupon.

You may also have received personalised coupons in your email. So if you want to save paper, they will accept the coupon on a mobile device as well.

If you want to stack with manufacturer coupons, don’t forget that Petsmart registers are set to take off the 15% after other coupons are applied.

Also, if you are doing the holiday bucks deals, where you have to hit a $35 threshold, we recommend to account for the 15% counting against you, which is often the case at Petsmart.

Happy Shopping!!



holiday pet festival 2014

Don’t miss this great event, happening today at WestWorld in Scottsdale 10am-5pm!!

Our human is a great fan of the Holiday Pet Festival organised by Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary.

We have sent her there every year, since attending the very first one five years ago!

Admission and Parking are free.

There will be lots of great rescue organisations that you can talk to and support!

There will also be various vendors, so we can usually score great coupons for our donations!

For more information go here!