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It is hard to believe that it has already been over two years, since we moved into our RV with our humans. As of now, we have been on the road for close to 19 months. Wow, time sure does fly!

As we explained in our Home is where the Cats are post, which we published a few months after starting our trip, the RV has been catified for us in various ways and the humans have come up with quite a few strategies to make travel comfortable and easy for us.

With 19 months of full time RV travel under our belts, we now have our routine down quite well. Linus still wears his calming collar on driving days, but the humans hardly ever use additional  calming spray anymore. No skimping on the treats though!

The humans prefer to stay longer in any given areas, which makes driving days few and far in between. Driving time usually is kept below three hours per day on those rare days when the RV actually moves, which is less stressful for everyone involved.

When we get to our destination, our outdoor cat habitat becomes part of the set up at most locations. We love being able to be outside, sniff around and roll in the dirt. The humans never leave us out there unsupervised though, usually they set up their chairs right next to us, just in case. It is a great way for us to experience the outdoors safely and be close to the humans, while they sit outside and enjoy the views.

The humans have also upgraded our harnesses. We used to have simple harnesses for a long time, but it was pretty easy for Emily to wiggle her way out of them. That was not so much an issue, when we still had a house with a fenced in backyard, but now that the world is our backyard, the humans wanted to make it a bit harder for us to escape. They ended up buying these mesh harnesses (modeled by Emily in the above picture) for both of us, as those are a bit harder to get out of. Like they don’t trust us or something.

We spent part of the holiday season in Phoenix and were able to send the female human shopping while in the area. We were lucky to sniff out a few good deals, mostly at PETCO, which allowed us to drop off three loads of donations, valued  in total over $2600, at our favorite pet rescue. Not as much as we used to do, when we still lived in the house, but we try to make up by giving some cash as well. If you’d like to help us get some extra cash to donate, at no cost to you, please check out our give back page to see if there’s something of interest for you. Or, you could directly send a few dollars to Meowness if you prefer.

Now that we are in travelling mode again, it will be harder for us to find and share deals. Several of our friends have asked that we share some of our travel adventures instead. We are planning on doing that and of course we will also still keep sharing any deals we come across.

So far we have had some really cool adventures with our humans, but those are usually not near any big cities where there are any of the big stores.

We prefer to hang out in the boonies anyways, less traffic and all. As you can see Linus fits right in, into the wild.

But even in National Parks, just like the big cities, you can get caught in traffic jams, as in this case in Yellowstone National Park last fall. The advantage of traffic jams in National Parks though is, that you get some pretty good cat TV along the way. At least Emily thinks so.

In any case we’ll be reporting back from the road on a regular basis. Hopefully our furriends will enjoy our travel stories as much as they like the deals.

The humans were browsing Amazon today for some not pet items, they need to purchase, so we friendly nudged them to see if there were any good pet deals as well.

They came across some really good deals on various pet supplies, including, this BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover for Cars – Black, WaterProof & Hammock Convertible (Standard, Black) and this Electric Pet Nail Grinder by Hertzko – For Gentle and Painless Paws Grooming, Trimming, Shaping, and Smoothing for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Birds – Portable & Rechargeable, Includes USB Wires in today’s Gold Box deals !

We have also found some other pet supplies at steep discounts, starting as low as 1 cent!

Let us know what you score!!

Happy Shopping Furriends!



Happy New Year furriends!! We hope you had a wonderful start into 2018!

Earlier tonight we sent the human to Meowness to bring our buddies the items pictured above.

Considering the human was sick most of last month and we only could send her shopping on very limited occasions,

we believe we did reasonably well.

The supplies and pet food in the picture retails for about $1173 and we only paid $ 166 out of pocket.

We really lucked out and found a ton of the Nutro coupons, we mentioned several weeks ago. All in all we ended up with 394 of those Nutro tubs, that would have been $1 each, but we just paid tax for them. Plus with several $10 off 30 and $40 off 60 coupons, we had throughout the month of December, those free tubs, made great fillers to score some of those ten Tidy Cats litter tubs and the large cat chow bags.

Despite the human’s condition, December was a great shopping month for us.

We ended up with 350 pounds of litter, 260 pounds of dry food, 160 pounds of wet food and a bunch of treats.

Not bad!!

We were also super happy to score the carrier and the enzyme cleaners with rewards earned at Petco. December has been a great month to roll PalsRewards at Petco and our closest store has been super awesome to shop at. Those folks know we are donating to rescues and have been extremely supportive of our shopping!

We will be leaving town again next week, so no pet food shopping for a while, but we hope that this will last our buddies for a little while. No worried, we’ll keep posting deals as we come across them and will also keep your posted on our travels and adventures once in a while!

Meowness goes through litter and pet food like there’s no tomorrow, so if you’d like to help them out as well, please consider heading to their website and donating a few bucks via their link. 

Also, if you’d like to help us donate more, please check out our affiliate link page to see if there’s anything useful for you. Any money we may be making from those links, will be donated as well and using those links won’t cost you a penny! Thank you, if you do!

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped us with coupons in the past weeks. Since we returned back to Phoenix, we had put out several requests for pet coupons and several of our furriends have helped us out without asking for anything in return!! We seriously could not shop this way, without all the support we have received from our furriends!! So thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!! Meow!!


Wow, December has gone by in the blink of an eye!!! 2017 is almost in the books and we have no idea where the time has gone!!

One thing we know for sure though, is that printable coupons often reset at the beginning of the month.

So if there’s something you may be interested in, you better print it before the end of the month!!

Here’s a list of current pet food coupons:

on any TWO (2) Meow Mix® Simple Servings™ 12-packs or 24-packs
on any TWO (2) Meow Mix® Simple Servings™ 2-packs
on one (1) bag of Purina® Beyond® brand dry dog food, any size, any variety.
on one (1) 4 lb or larger bag of Muse® Dry Cat Food, any variety
on any six (6) 3 oz cans or 2.1 oz broths of Muse® Wet Cat Food
on any COSEQUIN® Joint Health Supplement for Dogs
on any COSEQUIN® Joint Health Supplement for Cats

We recommend to print the Muse coupons at the very least. We have been finding Muse wet food and bags on markdown recently, which we managed to get close to free!!

Happy printing and shoppin!!

Today 12/24 only, you may have an opportunity to get up to $15 off of a $40 Petco gift card!

As we mentioned before, Petco had a special deal going on every day through 12/24. Details can be found here.

Today, 12/24 is the last of the 24 days of deals and today’s offer is $10 in reward dollars (those usually post to your Pals Account the day after you purchased an eligible item) for $40 or more worth of gift cards.

That in itself is a 25% discount on a gift card IF you shop there often enough to use the reward dollars.

We usually use them towards one of their calendars or other items on the wish list of the rescues we support.

The reward dollars WILL NOT come off your gift card purchase, but will be deposited in your account the next day.

They now also AUTOMATICALLY come off on your next purchase, so you must plan accordingly.

Now, if you have not used the $5 statement credit American Express deal, that we mentioned last month, you may be able to double dip on this deal!

You’ll have to make sure you add your offer to your American Express card before you head to Petco.

If you manage to get in on both deals, you’ll buy a $40 Giftcard at Petco, pay $40 on your American Express card on 12/24 ONLY!!

Then you’ll see $10 worth of rewards in your Petco account on the next day and a $5 credit on your American Express statement, once the statement closes.

That would make it a total of $15 back on a $40 gift card purchase!! Pretty sweet in our book!!

If you don’t have an American Express Card, we highly recommend the American Express Blue Cash preferred card, which gives you 6% cash back on groceries, as well as 3% cash back on gas, among many other things.

If you’ll use the above link to sign up for this card, we may receive a commission, which we can then use to help more rescue pets. So thank you if you do!

It may not arrive in time for this deal, but you’ll be able to benefit from future deals for sure!!

Happy Shopping and Happy Pawlidays to all our furriends!!




Petsmart sent us an email this morning. They have a few really good deals, today 12/23 only, here’s a link to that ad.

They have Bogo cat treats, cheap wet dog food and some other deals. What stands out most to us is the $9.99 for Tidy Cats litter, $7.97 dog beds and
up to 75% off Holiday Dog Treats.

Unfortunately no insert coupons for those right now, but some of us have $2/1 peelies from buying tubs on Black Friday.

We know a few of us out there have 10% off coupons or even $10 off 30 (ours expired last night unfortunately), so double check your emails to see what you might have. Some of our friends have been getting really good $$ off coupons, for downloading the app and playing the Petsmart game. So you may want to try that. You can get up to $40 off $100, but our human is too clumsy and only got us $10 off 30. We’ll take anything though, smaller transactions are easier for us to manage anyways.

We also have a few freebie coupons we received in recent emails (Blue Buffalo canned food, Friskies treats and Nutro wet food), that we are planning to pick up during our next visit to Petsmart!

If you don’t have any paper coupons to use right now and want in on those deals, you can also place an order online right now and get 10% off in-store pickup orders under $99 or 15% off orders $100+ at PetSmart.com. There is also a Buy 1, Get 1 50% off select Cat litter on PetSmart.com that you may be able to stack.


Happy Shopping furriends!

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