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Today we sent the human to Meowness with our first donation of 2016! It really was about time!

Since our move we did not have a ton of time to send the human shopping, but we finally managed to get caught up a little bit! Ludwig, Cali and their human also contributed a bit to help us out! Thank you Ludwig, Cali and Conny!

The items in this picture are valued at $ 611 and our out of pocket cost was roughly $119.

As always Meowness has lots of adoptable kitties and the human got to meet the adorable newcomers Boots Wellington and Penelope von Cuddle. Those cuties are getting spayed and neutered in the next few days and will be up for adoption real soon.

boots penelope

If you are looking for a snuggle buddy or two to be your Valentine, these two would absolutely be perfect for the job!

With all those cuddlemuffins requiring vet care and supplies, Meowness can use any help they can get and if you’d like to support them with a donation, you can do so by clicking here.


frys dowload dec 2015

Frys has a FREE Sheba tray on their Free Friday Download today!

If you have not done so, go here to download your freebie onto your Frys card!

You have two weeks (through 12/27) to use the coupon and pick up your free cat food, but you can only download it today Friday 11th December!

Even if you don’t have cats, please consider picking this up and dropping it off in a donation bin for one of the many pet rescues out there that will appreciate any help they can get!


petco 5 off email dec 2015

Cali and Ludwig’s human let us know that she has received an email from Petco a few days ago with a $5 off 25 coupon.

The coupon was personalised to her Pals card, so not everybody may have received it.

We had our human check and sure enough, we did receive the same email on 12/3 also personalised to our Pals account.

How did she miss that????

In any case this coupon is good through 12/12 and the only thing it excludes is Wellness, which is a bummer for us.

Still we’ll hopefully be able to pick up a few goodies for the Meowness kitties.

It’s been like forever since we received a $5/25 from Petco, so if you do have it, make sure to take advantage of it right meow!!!


Thank you Cali and Ludwig for alerting our human, so she would double check!

dec 15 petsmart f and f

If you have not made it over to Petsmart yet, today is your last shot at getting 15% off during their Friends & Family Sale.

If you have been shopping there lately, a 15% off coupon should have printed on your receipt.

If you don’t have a coupon, you can print one here: Petsmart Friends & Family 15% off

Happy Shopping!

dec 15 petsmart f and f

Petsmart is having a Friends & Family Sale starting today, through Sunda 12/6.

If you have been shopping there lately, a 15% off coupon should have printed on your receipt.

If you don’t have a coupon, you can print one here: Petsmart Friends & Family 15% off

Happy Shopping!

tidy cats 2015 black friday petsmart

As in the past years on black Friday, Petsmart has this stellar deal on Tidy Cats litter again. The 35lbs pails are 7.99, which in itself is a great buy.

The also have the holiday bucks promo, which gives you $5 off a future purchase wyb $35 worth of items.

We currently don’t have any insert coupons for the regular tidy cats, only for the lightweight litter, which most likely will not be a participating item, but many of us have $2/1 peelies from previous purchases.

Even without a coupon, this is a great deal.


Our human is not a great fan of Black Friday, she prefers to sleep in and snuggle with us.

But usually we manage to purr up enough motivation for her to head over to Petsmart in the afternoon.

This is our plan, as we have a $5 bonus bucks from getting a few things last week:

Buy 5 TC litter @ 7.99 each = 39.95 +tx + filler item so our after store Q total is over $35

use $5 Bonus Bucks from previous purchase

use 5 x $2/1 peelies

pay 24.95 +tx for 5 Litter or 4.99 each.

earn another $5 bonus buck

buy 1 TC litter at 7.99

use one more $2 peelie with the additional bonus buck

pay 99 cents.

So we’ll have 6 buckets for the Meowness kitties for a total of 4.32 each or 12.3 cents per pound.

Totally works for us.

Let’s hope they’ll still have stock by the time the human is willing to leave the house.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends with two paws and four paws and those with fins!

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